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Apple Shooter game best tips

Apple Shooter game best tips

Apple Shooter is a fun archery-based flash game made by Wolf Games. The goal of the game is to shoot an apple placed on your friend’s head. If you hit your friend instead, you lose.
The gameplay is divided into rounds. In round one, you start off at a distance of 20 feet from the friend character. Each time you successfully hit the apple target, you move back 5 feet. A grey wall is positioned behind the friend. If you hit the wall behind the friend or the ground, you get to shoot again immediately, with no repercussions. If you hit the friend, however, the friend character dies in a comic death animation and the game ends. You can choose to enter your name and view your score and position on the leaderboard at this point.

The controls for Apple Shooter are simple!

1. Press and hold the left mouse button to shoot.

2. Move the mouse cursor up and down to aim the arrow.

3. The longer you hold the left mouse button, the further back you pull the bow. This determines the trajectory of your arrow.

Early rounds start off easy. As you complete each round, the increasing distance between you and the target drastically ramps up the difficulty. There is a dial similar to a compass in the upper left corner of the screen that displays the angle at which the player is holding the bow. This tool helps you aim correctly. Additionally, when you draw the bow, a power meter is displayed over your character’s head. The power meter represents how far you’ve drawn the bow. The further you draw back the bow, the straighter the trajectory of the arrow fired. In the previous iteration of this archery game (Apple Shooter, also by Wolf Games), the aiming tool and power meter were absent.

Here are some tips to play Apple Shooter:
1. It is possible to predict the trajectory of the arrow by observing it carefully. Shoot a couple of arrows on the wall above the friend’s head to practice.
2. Take a look at the aiming tool before you fire the arrow. This coupled with the above step will help you aim correctly every time.
3. Try shooting when the power meter is full, that is, the bow is fully drawn back. This makes it easier to estimate the path of the arrow.
4. As the distance between you and the friend increases, you have to aim a little higher each time to hit the target.

Dumb ways to die 2 play for free.

Hope you have fun playing Apple Shooter!


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Haunt The House 2

Yet another amazing arcade game – Haunt The House 2.

This is a pretty funny and enjoyable flash game, simple gameplay makes it perfect for relaxation and it can also be an awesome way to spend some time while at work or in other boring places, you can play this game on your phone as well.

The main objective of the game is to scare people, there are different ways which you can use, but mostly you possess different objects and perform ‘spooky actions’. The more people you scare the more ‘atmosphere’ you gain which makes your ghost more powerful.

As the game progresses you are able to unlock more powerful haunting skills, keep in mind that different objects give you different ways of scaring people, in order to trigger spooky action you will have to first possess a specific object in the house, and after that click a different arrow button and one of them will scare house resident. Your mission is to scare all 30 people until they leave the house, how you will achieve this depends fully on you.

Like I have said before the game is very entertaining and funny, the animation looks cute, the atmosphere in the game is enjoyable and the graphics are fantastic as well. I’m pretty sure that a lot of you will find it entertaining.

Please spare some time and leave your comments below, we would like to hear which strategy helped you the most to scare people out of the house.

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Enjoy Playing Zombie Trailer Park Online

Enjoy Playing Zombie Trailer Park Online

The Zombie Trailer Park is a free online flash game, developed by Ninja Kiwi, an Auckland-based online and mobile video game developer in New Zealand. It is a bloody protect-your-base game, which has made the leap to the App Store. Amusingly, this free online game has been converted with approximately no alterations, except for the interface, and to balance for this, the cost tag is an amazingly reasonable $0.

ztpAbout the game 

The Zombie Trailer Park game itself is a quite typical Castle protection setup, with money being earned sooner or later and units being procured to run into their opposition blindly, pending you have pushed them back and demolished their stronghold. The main aim of this game is to protect your trailer park while you obliterate the zombie base. You can construct Angry Farmer, Shovel Men, and other units to protect your trailer park against the immortal mass. Destroying zombies as well earns special points, which can be turned in to make special abilities active that assist to push back a physically powerful assault or finalize the win.

The major problem with this online flash game is that it is too small for the small iDevice displays, though the wonderful zoomed-out outlook may have worked sensibly well on big computer monitors. This makes it easy to overlook things, such as jumping zombies, pending they are previously at your trailer park. It is not a major problem and definitely not something to mourn as long as the game remains free.

Controls of the game

The only control available to play the Zombie Trailer Park game is the mouse. You can use your mouse to interrelate with the game elements and navigate the menu. You can buy warriors and upgrades by means of the mouse.

How to play the game?

Zombie Trailer Park

There are only four levels to complete the game successfully, with each one escalating the challenge while undoing additional skills to assist players out. With the city, ruined by the armed forces of the bloodthirsty, brain-consuming zombies have turned their concentration on your trailer park. You have to fight back with spades, a makeshift crowd of irritated farmers, and bitter survivalists. It will not take players experienced in playing HTML5 games much time to fully finish the game, although players can vie for the fastest occasions on Game Center.