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Apple Shooter game best tips

Apple Shooter game best tips

Apple Shooter is a fun archery-based flash game made by Wolf Games. The goal of the game is to shoot an apple placed on your friend’s head. If you hit your friend instead, you lose.
The gameplay is divided into rounds. In round one, you start off at a distance of 20 feet from the friend character. Each time you successfully hit the apple target, you move back 5 feet. A grey wall is positioned behind the friend. If you hit the wall behind the friend or the ground, you get to shoot again immediately, with no repercussions. If you hit the friend, however, the friend character dies in a comic death animation and the game ends. You can choose to enter your name and view your score and position on the leaderboard at this point.

The controls for Apple Shooter are simple!

1. Press and hold the left mouse button to shoot.

2. Move the mouse cursor up and down to aim the arrow.

3. The longer you hold the left mouse button, the further back you pull the bow. This determines the trajectory of your arrow.

Early rounds start off easy. As you complete each round, the increasing distance between you and the target drastically ramps up the difficulty. There is a dial similar to a compass in the upper left corner of the screen that displays the angle at which the player is holding the bow. This tool helps you aim correctly. Additionally, when you draw the bow, a power meter is displayed over your character’s head. The power meter represents how far you’ve drawn the bow. The further you draw back the bow, the straighter the trajectory of the arrow fired. In the previous iteration of this archery game (Apple Shooter, also by Wolf Games), the aiming tool and power meter were absent.

Here are some tips to play Apple Shooter:
1. It is possible to predict the trajectory of the arrow by observing it carefully. Shoot a couple of arrows on the wall above the friend’s head to practice.
2. Take a look at the aiming tool before you fire the arrow. This coupled with the above step will help you aim correctly every time.
3. Try shooting when the power meter is full, that is, the bow is fully drawn back. This makes it easier to estimate the path of the arrow.
4. As the distance between you and the friend increases, you have to aim a little higher each time to hit the target.

Hope you have fun playing Apple Shooter!

One more funny game Drive mad unblocked version for free.


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Haunt The House 2

Yet another amazing arcade game – Haunt The House 2.

This is a pretty funny and enjoyable flash game, simple gameplay makes it perfect for relaxation and it can also be an awesome way to spend some time while at work or in other boring places, you can play this game on your phone as well.

The main objective of the game is to scare people, there are different ways which you can use, but mostly you possess different objects and perform ‘spooky actions’. The more people you scare the more ‘atmosphere’ you gain which makes your ghost more powerful.

As the game progresses you are able to unlock more powerful haunting skills, keep in mind that different objects give you different ways of scaring people, in order to trigger spooky action you will have to first possess a specific object in the house, and after that click a different arrow button and one of them will scare house resident. Your mission is to scare all 30 people until they leave the house, how you will achieve this depends fully on you.

Like I have said before the game is very entertaining and funny, the animation looks cute, the atmosphere in the game is enjoyable and the graphics are fantastic as well. I’m pretty sure that a lot of you will find it entertaining.

Please spare some time and leave your comments below, we would like to hear which strategy helped you the most to scare people out of the house.

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Enjoy Playing Zombie Trailer Park Online

Enjoy Playing Zombie Trailer Park Online

The Zombie Trailer Park is a free online flash game, developed by Ninja Kiwi, an Auckland-based online and mobile video game developer in New Zealand. It is a bloody protect-your-base game, which has made the leap to the App Store. Amusingly, this free online game has been converted with approximately no alterations, except for the interface, and to balance for this, the cost tag is an amazingly reasonable $0.

ztpAbout the game 

The Zombie Trailer Park game itself is a quite typical Castle protection setup, with money being earned sooner or later and units being procured to run into their opposition blindly, pending you have pushed them back and demolished their stronghold. The main aim of this game is to protect your trailer park while you obliterate the zombie base. You can construct Angry Farmer, Shovel Men, and other units to protect your trailer park against the immortal mass. Destroying zombies as well earns special points, which can be turned in to make special abilities active that assist to push back a physically powerful assault or finalize the win.

The major problem with this online flash game is that it is too small for the small iDevice displays, though the wonderful zoomed-out outlook may have worked sensibly well on big computer monitors. This makes it easy to overlook things, such as jumping zombies, pending they are previously at your trailer park. It is not a major problem and definitely not something to mourn as long as the game remains free.

Controls of the game

The only control available to play the Zombie Trailer Park game is the mouse. You can use your mouse to interrelate with the game elements and navigate the menu. You can buy warriors and upgrades by means of the mouse.

How to play the game?

Zombie Trailer Park

There are only four levels to complete the game successfully, with each one escalating the challenge while undoing additional skills to assist players out. With the city, ruined by the armed forces of the bloodthirsty, brain-consuming zombies have turned their concentration on your trailer park. You have to fight back with spades, a makeshift crowd of irritated farmers, and bitter survivalists. It will not take players experienced in playing HTML5 games much time to fully finish the game, although players can vie for the fastest occasions on Game Center.

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End of your wait, new Roller Coaster Creator game has been released to entertain you in this Christmas. We all always have a dream to create our own roller coaster track which is full of dangerous turns, ups and down, then you have come to the right place.

Roller coaster creator game is a interactive that explore the physics involved on the roller coaster. Roller coaster creator game is a construction based game like happy wheels 3 that allow you to build your own crazy and aggressive track to give such a ride to your passenger that they will remember forever.

In this game there are so many track design to build an innovative roller coaster track. This is truly interesting and entertaining flash game, but of course not as popular as Pacman. You have to collect the coins to go to the next level and don’t forget to check the leader board. There are so many track to unlock, level to play and medals to achieve. Before play the Roller coaster creator game take a look to the instruction and control to get a smooth and stunning game play.

1. In the game you can find different kind of TRACK ICON.
2. SELECT the track icon that you want to add to your track.
2. DRAG those track icon and add just next to the existing track in the game.
3. ADD those track icon until you reach the destination point.
4. After completion of your crazy track just click to the START/SUBMIT/PLAY button to play.

BUILD your dream track, run on the track to COLLECT all the COINS, REACH to the finish point.

Use your mouse to build your own track then run the roller coaster to give your passenger
a thrilling experience that they will never forget.


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Make that penguin fly in Learn to Fly 2

Make that penguin fly in Learn to Fly 2

Have you ever imagined that penguins can fly? With this game, it is possible. You can definitely teach them fly much more than you think. All you have to do is a good preparation.

Main instructions are simple

The story is quite interesting with many simple instructions to follow. Small penguin is studying how to use explosives and bombs with intention to launch into the air. Long nights are passing, and the solution is arriving. The penguin will make it by using a good tactic. Your help is a must. You will navigate the flight and all other aspects of flying. Altitude, speed, distance and duration are in your hands. Do everything to make that penguin fly. Only you have the power. It is visible on each flight. The ramp made of snow influences the speed. When you try to control the acceleration, there are several options. Rockets, parachutes and many more helpful devices are included in the action. You just need to earn them. First of all, make the as long a distance as you can and earn enough money to buy these helpers. The penguin will appreciate it.

Where to play?

The game is actually free and you can play on any gamin portal online without any problem (just make sure that you have a flash player, you can also visit the official website.

How to play?

The controls of the game could not be easier. Use left and right key to control the flight and follow the story. On the other hand, you can try only mouse controls if you find it helpful. Left and right click will be quite enough. What is so special about the game? This kind of simple controls. No need for clicking too much or searching for the right key. Everything is done with few simple clicks. The result is a gorgeous penguin that flies. Speed the flight with the right boosters every time you want some more action. You will do it with rocket firework, air balloon and many more interesting boosters. They will not only speed up the flight, but also give you more money. This automatically means more options for buying some great boosters.

Learn Fly 2 is a continuing story about flying penguins. Now, the possibilities are numerous and the excitement reaches the highest peak. Be the one who helps the amazing penguins with the intention to fly. In reality, they are not created to fly, but in the game, everything is becoming real. This game offers a lot of interesting creations and one brand new side of the penguins. They actually fly here.

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Test your Wits with The Impossible Quiz 3

Test your Wits with The Impossible Quiz 3

The impossible quiz 3 is the third sequel to the popular impossible quiz game. The flexibility attached to this game makes it stand out among the best such that you can answer difficult questions but at the same time remain entertained with the humor attached to the questions. This is a free online game and you can enjoy it nearly on all gaming sites.

The-Impossible-Quiz-BookGame Play.

When you start the game you are presented with quizzes that are usually based on humor that you have to supply the correct answer. You are provided with only five lives to complete this. When you select the wrong answer, a life is lost. Once the five lives are over, you will have to start the game again which makes it more frustrating. This means you have to think critically and avoid guesswork as it may delay you from progressing to the next step.

The questions begin in a more simple form then as you progress they become more and more complicated. Good advice, in this case, is that you should try answering the first questions correctly and preserve the lives for later in the game.

The questions come in a variety of forms and complexity which adds up to the brilliance of the game. You may find some questions testing on your wits (these are the logic questions), some on the speed of your reflexes, and others on your mouse skills. Questions on your speed may come in the form of a bomb timer. You have to complete the questions before time is up.

Some of the in-game features to help you answer the questions include “skip” which you collect. It helps you evade a difficult question that you cannot answer yet you want to progress. The game has fuse stoppers that have to be activated and they come in handy when you are faced with bomb timers. Their function is to give you more time to think and answer the questions correctly.


The Controls.

The controls of this game are very simple and easy to understand and use because all you work with is the mouse. This depends on the nature of the game. In one question you have to drag the answer while in another one you have to click the answer, either way, it is simple.

A look at the impossible quiz 3 review evidently reveals that it is one of the best quiz games around, simple to understand the instructions, and last but not least fun to play. The full version of the game can be found at the official sites.

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Guide for Territory War

Guide for Territory War

Guide-for-Territory-WarAction-packed free online flash game territory war is a turn-based strategy game with three playing modes i.e. campaign mode, challenge mode, and custom mode. In Linebacker flash game you have a little bit different objective, you should see yourself on the official blog, the game is fun. You are free to choose whatever modes you like or you can even customize the battles to sharpen your battle planning capabilities. As the name indicates, the main goal of this game is to capture territories and kill as many enemies as you can, choose enemies online, or play battle against the CPU.

In campaign mode, you have to win the battle by killing enemies to reach the next stages while challenge mode allows you to clear different single challenges from the provided six challenges in the game. The custom mode gives you the flexibility to choose as many enemies as you want to play against in your own planned and customized battle. The game is filled with a wide variety of weapons such as grenades, rocket launchers, and more however, grenades are the best.

The controls of Territory war are very simple and compatible with both keyboard and mouse. Following are the main controls of the game:

Left and Right movement: Left & Right arrow of keyboard

Jump up: up arrow

Inventory: W

Select weapon: number key 1-9 (with mouse click)

Fire/Hit: Space Button

This is the time now to pick up your team and start capturing territories by killing your enemies.

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Online BTD5 – Play Bloons Tower Defense 5

Online BTD5 – Play Bloons Tower Defense 5

Online-BTD5-Play-Bloons-Tower-Defense-5Bloons Tower Defense 5 is an tower defense game of Ninjakiwi’s Iconic Bloons series. If you haven’t played the other Bloons games I highly recommend that you do. This game is incredibly fun and requires you to pop a wave a balloons known as bloons. Simply place your monkey towers along designated paths and watch them pop those Bloons!You must prevent a certain number of Bloons from escaping or else you will lose the game. Bloons come in many shapes and sizes and as the levels progress they become harder to pop. Luckily all you have to do is place more towers or upgrade your existing ones. There are a few features that make the Bloons games so incredibly fun.

– Tunnels and moving parts – Special abilities – Special towers – 3-D tracks- Achievements – Fast track, co-op, and reverse modes- XP for tower upgrades- Monkey money for upgrades and research- Traps
As you can see it isn’t your average tower defense game. Several critics have described the game as cheerful and addictive. The best part about the game is that it doesn’t get old. The developers create new tower defense games every year, equipped with daily challenges and/or special missions. You can play the games for free on your desktop or you can buy them from the app store for a measly $2.99. Either way it would be the best investment of your time that you would ever take, and with over 30 tower types and 27 different campaign maps, you will never play the same game twice. The maps are built quite strategically ensuring that a lot of thought and care must be put into placing your towers. They all have different styles which require different tactics. Some maps are filled with water which forces you to utilize your naval units. So if you thought about building a strategy that works for all maps, think again.

Oh and did I mention that you can adjust the level of difficulty in the game? Yup, there is easy, normal, and hard. The great thing about Bloons Tower Defense 5 though is that it rewards you for playing the harder levels. Ensuring that you are playing the game for hours or days trying to be the best of the best. The game is currently available for Android, iOS, Playstation Portable, and Nintendo DSi just like Run 2 game. So what are you waiting for? You and your family and friends can play this awesome game right now! Have fun and go pop some bloons!

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Box Head, to Go Along With The Zombie Madness

Box Head, to Go Along With The Zombie Madness

Now killing zombies is the trend, like there are zombies literally everywhere, in the TV, in the movies, books, and your soup. If you like the living dead action, the super popular flash game Box Head is totally for you. Box Head is a saga of action games to play directly from the browser, its characters with the squared head have the objective of exterminating the hordes of zombies with the weapons available, the more you kill zombies, the more they will come to you like ants come to sugar and also get to upgrade your weapon. Avoid at all cost the zombies invade you and get close to you or game over.

You have the chance of sharing the joy of killing herds of zombies with a friend with the multiplayer version, just fantastic! The most popular game of the Box Head series is 2 play. If you are into dark humor flash games I have awesome game for you – Happy Wheels unblocked, trust me you will love it.

Box-Head-to-Go-Along-With-The-Zombie-MadnessGame Instructions.

First of all pick the game mode, there is the single and the cooperative game, which objectives are essentially the same, to kill zombies and in the death match, another multiplayer mode, the objective is to kill each other in this stage you also choose your character and the room, there are 18 to choose from. After picking up the mode, the characters and the room you set up quickly the difficulty of the game and other settings, like object collision, devils (stronger enemies than zombies), friendly fire (oops!), game speed and the number of games in the case of Death Match.


For your comfort you can change the keys but it often comes preset like this:

Player 1: For movement ↑ → ← ↓,

For shooting (single player) space (multi player) /,

To change weapons: (single player) keys 0 to 9 (multi player) . and , keys.

Player 2: For Movement W A S D,

For shooting space,

To change weapons Q and E.

Characters of the Game.

Jon Bambo is the main character of the game and has joined other expert zombie killers: Bon, Bind and Bert .The zombies were in other times citizens of Boxville before the virus changed them forever, now they wander, slowly walking to find humans and eat their flesh. The Devil is an enemy to keep watched and get rid of him as soon as he appear, he enjoys and feel so cool about throwing fireballs around.

Get addicted to the fun of shooting the undead waves with tons of ammo while working with Bambo for the end of the zombie apocalypse. Also, try Blob Opera at if you love mini-games.