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Haunt The House 2

Yet another amazing arcade game – Haunt The House 2.

This is a pretty funny and enjoyable flash game, simple gameplay makes it perfect for relaxation and it can also be an awesome way to spend some time while at work or in other boring places, you can play this game on your phone as well.

The main objective of the game is to scare people, there are different ways which you can use, but mostly you possess different objects and perform ‘spooky actions’. The more people you scare the more ‘atmosphere’ you gain which makes your ghost more powerful.

As the game progresses you are able to unlock more powerful haunting skills, keep in mind that different objects give you different ways of scaring people, in order to trigger spooky action you will have to first possess a specific object in the house, and after that click a different arrow button and one of them will scare house resident. Your mission is to scare all 30 people until they leave the house, how you will achieve this depends fully on you.

Like I have said before the game is very entertaining and funny, the animation looks cute, the atmosphere in the game is enjoyable and the graphics are fantastic as well. I’m pretty sure that a lot of you will find it entertaining.

Please spare some time and leave your comments below, we would like to hear which strategy helped you the most to scare people out of the house.

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Make that penguin fly in Learn to Fly 2

Make that penguin fly in Learn to Fly 2

Have you ever imagined that penguins can fly? With this game, it is possible. You can definitely teach them fly much more than you think. All you have to do is a good preparation.

Main instructions are simple

The story is quite interesting with many simple instructions to follow. Small penguin is studying how to use explosives and bombs with intention to launch into the air. Long nights are passing, and the solution is arriving. The penguin will make it by using a good tactic. Your help is a must. You will navigate the flight and all other aspects of flying. Altitude, speed, distance and duration are in your hands. Do everything to make that penguin fly. Only you have the power. It is visible on each flight. The ramp made of snow influences the speed. When you try to control the acceleration, there are several options. Rockets, parachutes and many more helpful devices are included in the action. You just need to earn them. First of all, make the as long a distance as you can and earn enough money to buy these helpers. The penguin will appreciate it.

Where to play?

The game is actually free and you can play on any gamin portal online without any problem (just make sure that you have a flash player, you can also visit the official website.

How to play?

The controls of the game could not be easier. Use left and right key to control the flight and follow the story. On the other hand, you can try only mouse controls if you find it helpful. Left and right click will be quite enough. What is so special about the game? This kind of simple controls. No need for clicking too much or searching for the right key. Everything is done with few simple clicks. The result is a gorgeous penguin that flies. Speed the flight with the right boosters every time you want some more action. You will do it with rocket firework, air balloon and many more interesting boosters. They will not only speed up the flight, but also give you more money. This automatically means more options for buying some great boosters.

Learn Fly 2 is a continuing story about flying penguins. Now, the possibilities are numerous and the excitement reaches the highest peak. Be the one who helps the amazing penguins with the intention to fly. In reality, they are not created to fly, but in the game, everything is becoming real. This game offers a lot of interesting creations and one brand new side of the penguins. They actually fly here.

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Test your Wits with The Impossible Quiz 3

Test your Wits with The Impossible Quiz 3

The impossible quiz 3 is the third sequel to the popular impossible quiz game. The flexibility attached to this game makes it stand out among the best such that you can answer difficult questions but at the same time remain entertained with the humor attached to the questions. This is a free online game and you can enjoy it nearly on all gaming sites.

The-Impossible-Quiz-BookGame Play.

When you start the game you are presented with quizzes that are usually based on humor that you have to supply the correct answer. You are provided with only five lives to complete this. When you select the wrong answer, a life is lost. Once the five lives are over, you will have to start the game again which makes it more frustrating. This means you have to think critically and avoid guesswork as it may delay you from progressing to the next step.

The questions begin in a more simple form then as you progress they become more and more complicated. Good advice, in this case, is that you should try answering the first questions correctly and preserve the lives for later in the game.

The questions come in a variety of forms and complexity which adds up to the brilliance of the game. You may find some questions testing on your wits (these are the logic questions), some on the speed of your reflexes, and others on your mouse skills. Questions on your speed may come in the form of a bomb timer. You have to complete the questions before time is up.

Some of the in-game features to help you answer the questions include “skip” which you collect. It helps you evade a difficult question that you cannot answer yet you want to progress. The game has fuse stoppers that have to be activated and they come in handy when you are faced with bomb timers. Their function is to give you more time to think and answer the questions correctly.


The Controls.

The controls of this game are very simple and easy to understand and use because all you work with is the mouse. This depends on the nature of the game. In one question you have to drag the answer while in another one you have to click the answer, either way, it is simple.

A look at the impossible quiz 3 review evidently reveals that it is one of the best quiz games around, simple to understand the instructions, and last but not least fun to play. The full version of the game can be found at the official sites.