Haunt The House 2

Yet another amazing arcade game – Haunt The House 2.

This is a pretty funny and enjoyable flash game, simple gameplay makes it perfect for relaxation and it can also be an awesome way to spend some time while at work or in other boring places, you can play this game on your phone as well.

The main objective of the game is to scare people, there are different ways which you can use, but mostly you possess different objects and perform ‘spooky actions’. The more people you scare the more ‘atmosphere’ you gain which makes your ghost more powerful.

As the game progresses you are able to unlock more powerful haunting skills, keep in mind that different objects give you different ways of scaring people, in order to trigger spooky action you will have to first possess a specific object in the house, and after that click a different arrow button and one of them will scare house resident. Your mission is to scare all 30 people until they leave the house, how you will achieve this depends fully on you.

Like I have said before the game is very entertaining and funny, the animation looks cute, the atmosphere in the game is enjoyable and the graphics are fantastic as well. I’m pretty sure that a lot of you will find it entertaining.

Please spare some time and leave your comments below, we would like to hear which strategy helped you the most to scare people out of the house.



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