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Make that penguin fly in Learn to Fly 2

Make that penguin fly in Learn to Fly 2

Have you ever imagined that penguins can fly? With this game, it is possible. You can definitely teach them fly much more than you think. All you have to do is a good preparation. Learn more about amusing Learn to Fly 2 unblocked.

Main instructions are simple

The story is quite interesting with many simple instructions to follow. Small penguin is studying how to use explosives and bombs with intention to launch into the air. Long nights are passing, and the solution is arriving. The penguin will make it by using a good tactic. Your help is a must. You will navigate the flight and all other aspects of flying. Altitude, speed, distance and duration are in your hands. Do everything to make that penguin fly. Only you have the power. It is visible in each flight. The ramp made of snow influences the speed. When you try to control the acceleration, there are several options. Rockets, parachutes and many more helpful devices are included in the action. You just need to earn them. First of all, make as long distance as you can and earn enough money to buy these helpers. The penguin will appreciate it.

Where to play?

Game is actually free and you can play on any gamin portal online without any problem (just make sure that you have flash player), you can also visit official web-site.

How to play?

The controls of the game could not be easier. Use left and right key to control the flight and follow the story. On the other hand, you can try only mouse controls if you find it helpful. Left and right click will be quite enough. What is so special about the game? This kind of simple controls. No need for clicking too much or searching for the right key. Everything is done with few simple clicks. The result is a gorgeous penguin that flies. Speed the flight with the right boosters every time you want some more action. You will do it with rocket firework, air balloon and many more interesting boosters. They will not only speed up the flight, but also give you more money. This automatically means more options for buying some great boosters.

Learn Fly 2 is a continuing story about flying penguins. Now, the possibilities are numerous and the excitement reaches the highest peak. Be the one who helps the amazing penguins with the intention to fly. In reality, they are not created to fly, but in the game, everything is becoming real. This game offers a lot of interesting creations and one brand new side of the penguins. They actually fly here.

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Online BTD5 – Play Bloons Tower Defense 5

Online BTD5 – Play Bloons Tower Defense 5

Online-BTD5-Play-Bloons-Tower-Defense-5Bloons Tower Defense 5 is an tower defense game of Ninjakiwi’s Iconic Bloons series. If you haven’t played the other Bloons games I highly recommend that you do. This game is incredibly fun and requires you to pop a wave a balloons known as bloons. Simply place your monkey towers along designated paths and watch them pop those Bloons!You must prevent a certain number of Bloons from escaping or else you will lose the game. Bloons come in many shapes and sizes and as the levels progress they become harder to pop. Luckily all you have to do is place more towers or upgrade your existing ones. There are a few features that make the Bloons games so incredibly fun.

– Tunnels and moving parts – Special abilities – Special towers – 3-D tracks- Achievements – Fast track, co-op, and reverse modes- XP for tower upgrades- Monkey money for upgrades and research- Traps
As you can see it isn’t your average tower defense game. Several critics have described the game as cheerful and addictive. The best part about the game is that it doesn’t get old. The developers create new tower defense games every year, equipped with daily challenges and/or special missions. You can play the games for free on your desktop or you can buy them from the app store for a measly $2.99. Either way it would be the best investment of your time that you would ever take, and with over 30 tower types and 27 different campaign maps, you will never play the same game twice. The maps are built quite strategically ensuring that a lot of thought and care must be put into placing your towers. They all have different styles which require different tactics. Some maps are filled with water which forces you to utilize your naval units. So if you thought about building a strategy that works for all maps, think again.

Oh and did I mention that you can adjust the level of difficulty in the game? Yup, there is easy, normal, and hard. The great thing about Bloons Tower Defense 5 though is that it rewards you for playing the harder levels. Ensuring that you are playing the game for hours or days trying to be the best of the best. The game is currently available for Android, iOS, Playstation Portable, and Nintendo DSi. So what are you waiting for? You and your family and friends can play this awesome game right now! Have fun and go pop some bloons!

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